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If you’re hooked on Instagram and would like to be able to save all your photos as well as those of your friends and followers onto your computer, then Save-o-gram makes downloading these files easier than ever.

Save-o-gram is a very simple tool: all you have to do is enter the Instagram username in the top part of the interface and that account's public photos will appear in the program.

When the gallery comes up, you can choose which photos you want to download individually, or download the whole collection. Files can be downloaded in JPEG format, zipped, or printed directly from the app. Save-o-gram shows you all your pictures in a grid and lets you open them with a viewer where you can swipe from photo to photo using your keyboard.

In addition, this application lets you search for pictures using tags to save you loads of time. By simply entering the type of picture you are looking for, Save-o-gram will use Instagram's Explore feature to display all the results for that tag.
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